Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My new found Zen that every busy kikay girl should know about

Well at least if you are within the area of Cabantian, Davao City.

Services that are affordable with great customer service are so rare nowadays that when I find one, I always make sure to blog about it. Zen Passion Massage and Spa had me at hello.

I am a very busy person that it takes me weeks before I can have my nails done because all salons are already closed by the time I'm done with my dailies. So imagine my delight when I found out that there's a nice nail spa in my area that is open until 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends.

It's also a massage parlor

Whole Body Massage experience was superb

Foot Massage with my favorite therapist, Ate Maritess

They offer other services plus free wifi. Yay! :)

Con is that they only have two therapists and they both do the massage and nail care so you can't expect to be taken cared of right away when you get there. What I do is I call their phone numbers and ask for my favorite therapists' availability to avoid wasting time.

They also serve green tea for free in a green tea pot. Lovely!

It's okay to achieve your goals and work for your life but it's also nice to take care of yourself; not just sometimes but always.