Sunday, June 22, 2014

My 99 Peso Bag Organizer

I've always had an OCD problem ever since I can remember. I don't like having it because it usually stresses me out from the littlest things. Everything has to go my way. From cleaning the house, to storing my meds, storing food, to organizing my son's daily schedule, everything needs to be immaculate in my eyes and mind. So when I noticed my bags just sitting on top of my make up table, almost decaying because of my lack of care (got too busy earning money), I was completely horrified. I had to do something!

It's not easy having the need to organize everything, and it doesn't come cheap too! Most of these organizing stuff are expensive. You have to be really creative to be able to afford these organizing kits, stands and closets especially if you are on a tight budget. I'm glad I have that talent.

Checked at a local Home Decor Store and is priced at Php 2,800

It was actually pure luck when I found my 99 peso bag organizer. I was originally looking for wood hangers to organize my belts and necklaces when I saw them and I thought, "I could use this for my bags too!". And it didn't fail me!

One hanger can hold up to 20 sling bags!
Wooder Hanger -SM Lanang Home Supplies Department
I use it as a  necklace organizer too!

You can also use it to organize your belts. It can hold up to 20 necklaces, 10 belts, 6 big bags and 20 sling bags. I just recently held a garage sale and my things are almost sold out so I can't take a picture of the wooden hanger holding that much since I only have a few of my things left. I have yet to fill it again! Haha!  

I bought 4 of these wooden hangers and they only cost me Php 396.00. Way cheaper than Php 2,800 plus they look posh so it's a steal!

Always remember to Stay Classy, be a Streetsmart Fashionista!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm Fatty and I Know It

Having gained 40 kilos from a high risk pregnancy and was extremely fat for three years because of the steroids, I swore to God never to return to the body that I had 7 years ago.

Left pic is from May of last year, Right pic is from May of 2008 

me with friends last September 21 in Prive Luxury Club celebrating my 30th birthday 

So when I first noticed the body changes first week of December 2013 (roughly 6 months ago), I got really worried. I was juicing that time and was having a no rice diet, imagine the horror when my favorite shorts won't fit me anymore considering that it still fit me the week before. I was so confused! I started running every morning, did the 10 minute ab routine, and even started to write down daily food intake just to keep track if I am over eating or not but I was still gaining weight. It was horrible!

New Years Eve celebration at the White House
My weight gain is beginning to show on my face!
Cardigan P150  Divisoria
Dress P110 Divisoria

People took notice of my weight gain, and I didn't like it. I started to hate myself. I went through some rough moments when I had to fight the urge to eat and just drink the juices I make everyday. I got bitter. I would complain on how rude people are whenever they tell me that I got really fat. But the truth is, I was more angry at myself because I just couldn't lose weight.

It was March 8 when I first noticed that my legs are swelling.

Got this from my IG post, I even made fun of this.

I first thought that it was because of my strenuous exercises. But when my legs swelled again on March 25 and with an intolerable pain this time, I knew I had to have myself checked.

Swollen legs on March 25 from my IG post

When my doctor told me about the rare disease that I have, I got very upset and depressed. I just won a health battle last year and I couldn't believe that I am going to have to face another health problem again. It was awful. I thought, so that explains the weight gain, that explains the extreme exhaustion even if I'm not doing anything, so that explains the swelling.. and so on.

It was really hard to be okay with it. There were so many things that I had to sacrifice.

My last gig with my band. I was bloating this time!
Dress Divisoria P110
Necklace F21 P400
Belt SM Accessories P529

I had to stop singing, I had to stop exercising, and I had to accept that I can't do anything about my FAT body. I had to stop hurting myself and accept people's criticism and looks of surprise especially when they saw me months earlier.

Rapid Weight Gain - this pic was taken one week apart.
I was wearing the same shorts and sleeveless but I can't close the short's zipper anymore the week after (orange shirt).
White Sleeveless F21 P150
Shorts Ukay-ukay P75
Orange Shirt Bench P545 

It was not easy at first, it was awfully and bloody hard. I had to endure seeing posts of my fb friends with their hot bodies last summer, but at the same time, I was relieved. I was relieved that there was a reason why I gained weight and it was not because I didn't take care of myself.

Now, I don't get upset anymore when people would call me fat or comment on my weight gain rudely. I eventually got the hang of it. So how did I do it? I researched a lot. I followed health blogs. I followed blogs and instagram accounts of people who talk about their struggles on gaining weight. I took notes on things they did to regain their confidence.

Here Are 5 of the Major Things I did to Rebuild Myself. 

1. I accepted the fact that I am sick. And I cannot do something about my weight gain.

2. I accepted the fact that I am now FAT. Because I did gain weight and that's the truth. 

3. I let go of my dresses (and shoes) Looking at my smaller size clothes used to depress me because non of them would fit me anymore. So I sold them. (and earned 5k+ from it!). Now, I wouldn't have to see and try them on which would only depress me more. I bought myself nice clothes with bigger sizes from my garage sale earnings and it made me feel better!

4. I stopped caring about what other people think. This is a cliche, but maybe it became a cliche because this works big time for a lot of people! When I stopped caring about what other people would think of me and started focusing on my well being, I became more comfortable with my fat self. 

with my son and my new hair style
Necklace Bits&Accessories P180
Long blouse Ukay P50
Katrina Bag P500

And it's really not your problem if they find your physical appearance unpleasant, it is theirs.

5. I followed all of my doctors advice. Well this is self explanatory. I want to get well, FAST!

6. I accepted and recognized the love and care of the people who were truly there for me. When we are angry at ourselves, we tend to pin this on people who really care for us. And that's one of the mistakes that I did. My family have been very supportive but my boyfriend played a major role in my battle against depression and weight gain. I was so afraid that my weight gain would somehow lessen his love for me that I became defensive. I even blamed my weight gain on him! But he knew that it was my depression talking and not me, so he didn't leave me. He supported me instead of being angry at me. And support means, researching on food that I can eat and not eat. Planning  for my daily exercise that would not exhaust me and jumping on things that would stress me out. It's a wonderful feeling when someone still loves and adore you like a beauty queen even if you look like someone who spent a month in McDonalds.

I am not saying that it's okay to be FAT because it isn't. It's utterly unhealthy and I think this is a popular opinion. The above mentioned only apply to those people who are suffering the same disease as mine or suffering an illness that would make them bloat and gain weight like crazy. Hope this will help you guys!

Leaving you with a really nice quote to live by. TGIF!